What is scent marketing?




The definition of scent marketing sounds rather complicated: it is the process of identifying the positive smells / perfumes associated with a given company and incorporating them into the marketing process at the point of sale in order to influence customer behavior. In other words, scent marketing involves a customer associating a certain fragrance with a company to encourage them to buy. The principle of operation is therefore similar to the well-known logos. After all, smell, as well as eyesight, is inherent in everyday life.

It has been known for a long time that thanks to specific fragrance notes, you can express positive opinions about a product or service, and thus also encourage you to make a specific decision. This is because aromas affect our nose to a greater extent than we realize. Unfortunately, we tend to marginalize the importance that fragrance has for our well-being.

Research on scent marketing proves that a pleasant smell improves our mood by up to 40%, especially when we associate it with some joyful memory, e.g. from childhood. It is worth taking advantage of this fact to increase sales.

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