What is scent marketing?

The definition of scent marketing sounds rather complicated: it is the process of identifying the positive smells / perfumes associated with a given company and

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Dyfuzor Zapachowy do Aromamarketingu
Aroma diffusers

Scent Diffuser OC50-301 | Scent Marketing

Fragrance Diffuser OC50-301 | Scent Marketing What distinguishes the OC50-301 model is its original design and high work culture thanks to the body made from aluminum. It will delight everyone with its performance. It covers an area of up

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Producent świec zapachowych
Scented candles

Soy candles Treasure Island

Six scents like 6 treasures – meet the Treasure Island soy scented candles. Treasure Island soy candles will take you on an extraordinary journey to the island where pirates once walked, discovering treasures that no one has dreamed of.

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