Scented gadgets

As we well know, the power of the visual message today is much smaller than it used to be, because we live in a world in which consumers are constantly bombarded with all sorts of images. That is why many people learned to live without paying attention to posters, billboards, leaflets. Today we pay significantly less attention to visual stimuli. On the other hand, the sense of smell is still underestimated, as it directly influences memories and emotions. This allows you to apply scent marketing and achieve very good sales results.

How does the smell of fragrance gadgets work?

An example of a fragrance gadget? A car pendant with a delicate hint of coffee. Our set includes the following fragrances:

latte coffees


classic coffee

and other

A driver who smells this smell will involuntarily think about stopping at the nearest gas station and buying coffee for himself. If you are not the owner of a gas station or you run a small kiosk with sweets, you may be interested in aromas such as: dark chocolate, chocolate with orange peel, nut cream and the like.
The mechanism of action is still the same. Only the scent note changes to the one that is associated with your brand! Customers, even at home or in the car, will be bombarded with associations with your offer.
An additional benefit of using scent gadgets is gifting the customer with a useful item, thanks to which additional positive emotions are aroused in him.

How important is fragrance in advertising?

The importance of building scent branding is shown by a handful of information that compares the sense of smell with sight and hearing:
people remember smells with 65% accuracy up to a year, while the visual message is 50% for up to 3 months
smell has a strong connection with memory and connects with the emotional areas of the brain more directly than with other senses
with the sense of smell, we first sense an emotional reaction, and only at a later stage do we identify the smell
In addition, we use an innovative EVA composite material that:
allows you to take into account up to 40% of the fragrance essence
allows you to recreate any fragrance
allows you to recreate any shape
is pleasant to the touch
is durable (from 30 to 60 days after opening)

Take advantage of our offer of fragrance gadgets

It is a unique opportunity to combine several important opportunities for a marketing strategy:
you can create a unique fragrance branding for your brand
you will get gadgets that you will give your customers, arousing positive emotions in them
you will strengthen the bond with your store through positive smell associations
you will start or develop an effective fragrance marketing that can significantly increase the sales results of your company
and most of all you will be one step ahead of the competition, thanks to which you will be able to acquire new customers

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