The scent of successful shopping




In the begnning of this year, Olfactory Consulting started, together with the Change Lingerie brand, the implementation of a unique project based on the psychology of scent. His idea was to create an effective aromamarketing tool – a fragrance gadget that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of sales salons. Thanks to its positive impact on emotions and senses, it is remembered and encourages customers to buy again.


The olfactory memory

There are fragrances that can easily be given a positive meaning – a feeling of joy and bliss. It can be the scent of a house, a school corridor or a forest, as well as others that recreate pleasant snapshots in the memory. The olfactory memory is also used to build clear associations – the smell of smoke informs about the threat, while citrus fruits immediately bring to mind lightness, refreshment and carefree. Therefore, it is an ideal tool to create appropriate images and thoughts in the subconscious.


Branding based on fragrance

Hence the idea to use the olfactory memory as one of the marketing instruments in an industry as specific as underwear. Where sensuality and eroticism intertwine with comfort and convenience, there is a place for a fragrance that will create a perfect aura, a positive envelope for the products, as well as for the process of their purchase.


Change Lingerie scent – good scent

When creating the perfume architecture for the Change Lingerie brand, chords were used that immediately evoke obvious associations with luxury, warmth, comfort, relaxation, pleasure and elegance. The initially light composition welcomes customers with refreshment and freshness, to intrigue and arouse the feeling of desire in the later notes, and finally turn into a feeling of bliss, fulfillment and satisfaction.
The top note is composed of refreshing bergamot, lemon and orange and the green aroma of violet leaves.
The heart notes are seductive jasmine, rose, geranium and warm spices.
The base notes are strong aromas of sandalwood and ambergris, with dark vanilla and brown sugar.
So there is romance and sensuality, referring to seductive and elegant lace, freshness and lightness, matched to stylish cuts, and strength and determination, corresponding to the quality of materials. In a word – everything that creates the value of Change Lingerie.


The tempting power of aromas

The scented gadget is a perfect highlight of what you are looking for in Change Lingerie, and at the same time a promise that you will definitely find it. It accompanies shopping, and the attached one also does not leave the house. Closed in an aesthetic form, provided with a discreet guarantee of a perfect fit, it provides customers with a sense of care and pampering. By releasing its aroma, it has a strong influence on the senses, evoking in the memory of attractive images of beautiful, luxurious, comfortable underwear and a satisfying purchase process. By using the potential of the olfactory memory, something has been created that attracts customers in an unobtrusive and at the same time suggestive way, guaranteeing pleasure and fulfillment thanks to successful shopping.