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Thanks to aromamarketing, it is possible to influence the customer’s emotions. People are emotional by nature, so they are driven by positive and negative brand experiences when buying. The excess of visual and auditory stimuli reduces the impact of these channels on the client’s mood. He is increasingly indifferent to the marketing strategies associated with these channels. Another thing is the sense of smell, which has so far been rarely used in sales. That is why the use of scent marketing gives such great effects.

Fragrance diffusers

Aroma diffusers allow the spraying of positively associated fragrances at the point of sale. They can be successfully used both in small retail outlets and in large-format stores. Our offer includes aroma diffusers of various sizes. They have high efficiency and are adapted to conduct an effective marketing aroma. Only from us you can buy these devices, unlike other equipment offered on the market, which can be obtained only for the duration of expensive and long-term contracts.

Diffuser Ventury V200

Diffuser Ventury Nezbu V50VO

Diffuser Olfactory Consulting

Diffuser Ventury V400

Diffuser Ventury V600

Diffuser Ventury V200B

What is aromamarketing?

The definition describes this process as identifying positive fragrances, including perfumes, associated with a particular brand and using this in a marketing strategy to influence customer behavior. The effectiveness of this method is demonstrated by the research on aromamarketing, which shows that the use of a pleasant fragrance improves mood by up to 40%, when it evokes positive associations, for example with childhood times. This translates directly into increased sales.

By using our sensory marketing offer, you get:

high-quality aroma diffusers that you can fill yourself with appropriate fragrance compositions
you are not bound by long-term contracts for the provision of aromamarketing services
you will reduce the costs of using fragrances in your marketing strategy up to 70%
we will provide you with full after-sales support, servicing of devices and delivery of selected fragrances without the need to sign binding contracts

Who is already using scent marketing?

The sense of smell is the strongest and unique sense. It directly affects memory and emotional centers in the brain. Therefore, it is the most effective tool that can influence customer behavior. Many large companies that already use fragrance compositions in their marketing strategy have found out about this power of scent marketing.

Airlines All Nippon Airways

ensures passengers fall asleep with the smell of forest trees and herbs.



is perfectly aware of the impact that aroma has on its earnings. When customers stop buying, all you have to do is turn on the flavoring machine that emits the artificial scent of cotton candy, and after a while, a queue is formed at its stand.


Singapore Airlines

offers its passengers hot towels soaked in the “Stefan Floridian Waters” perfume – a blend of rose, lavender and citrus.


These are just a few examples, because sensory marketing is increasingly used in various industries. And it always brings the desired result: it increases sales results.

How to introduce aromamarketing into your company?

Determine the main reasons why you want to incorporate fragrances into your business. Is it supposed to neutralize the bad smells prevailing there? Or is it mainly about enhancing your branding with a characteristic aroma associated only with your company?
Determine the fragrance profile. We have a base of over 30,000 fragrance notes, but we also enable the creation of completely new, unique fragrance compositions.
You can finally diffuse the new fragrance into the air. Our aroma diffusers will help you with this.

You should also remember to rate the popularity of the fragrance at your point of sale. Supervision and periodic observation of the effects of your aroma marketing will allow you to make changes and improvements. This way you will get optimal results and maximize your sales.

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