Discover the power of scent marketing at the Car Showroom





Have you ever wondered how introducing the right fragrances to a car dealership can improve customer satisfaction and increase sales? Discover the fragrance marketing service that has transformed the Ford Auto Brzezińska Car Showroom in Łódź!

Thanks to cooperation with Olfactory Consulting, Ford Auto Brzezińska decided to use scent marketing to create an unforgettable experience for its customers. As a result, the salon gained:

– Increased customer satisfaction – a properly selected fragrance affects positive emotions, which translates into a better atmosphere in the salon and customer satisfaction with the visit.

– Strengthening the brand image – a unique, personalized fragrance is another element that fits in with the visual identification and values of the Ford Auto Brzezińska brand, making the showroom even more recognizable.

– Increasing sales – the atmosphere in the salon, also created by appropriate fragrances, affects the subconscious feelings of customers, which can lead to a faster purchase decision.

Benefits of cooperation with Olfactory Consulting:

a) No need to sign a long-term contract – flexible terms of cooperation allow you to adjust the offer to the individual needs of the car showroom.

b) Possibility to purchase the aromatization device on your own – thanks to this, the investment is one-time, and the operating costs are limited to the purchase of perfume.

c) A wide range of perfumes – at you will find a wide selection of fragrances and devices that you can adapt to your car showroom to create a unique experience for customers.

Do not wait, start using scent marketing services and join the group of satisfied customers, such as the Ford Auto Brzezińska Car Showroom in Łódź!

Check out the offer at and transform your car showroom into a place that is memorable thanks to the unique fragrance experience.