Smell is an important communication channel. It is an extremely strong sense in man, underestimated for a very long time by marketing specialists. Our company tries to bring out the potential of the fragrance. Thanks to it, you can significantly increase your sales! This applies not only to stationary stores, where the diffusion of the fragrance seems much easier. We know how to implement aromamarketing also in online stores.

Scent marketing and E- Commerce market

There are between 12 and 24 million internet sales sites around the world. Such strong competition forces the owners to use the best marketing strategies. The visual and audio channels are the most commonly used. However, most customers have already become immune to pop-ups and loud advertisements. Innovative solutions must be used to gain an advantage.

Aromamarketing is a good example. The use of scent is not yet such a common method of influencing customer behavior. At the same time, it is worth realizing the strength of the impact of smells. They stimulate the areas directly related to emotions in the brain, which have a decisive influence at making purchases.

However, how to introduce this type of sensory marketing in online stores? At the time of shopping on the website, it is not yet possible to diffuse the appropriate fragrances. Our company offers a suitable solution in this regard. These are fragrance inserts that can be successfully attached to packages. As a result, the fragrance is positively associated with your store.

Fragrance inserts for your online store

This solution is extremely practical and has many advantages that can affect the sales results of your store. Fragrance inserts can be used in the form of:

a fragrance sachet, which will release a pleasant scent when unpacking the purchased products. This creates a positive experience and encourages repeat purchases
a fragrance test, additionally advertising a specific product
a fragrance insert for the wardrobe, thanks to which you will be able to refresh the smell in your apartment, and at the same time have contact with the fragrance composition associated with your store
a free gadget – it will additionally build positive experiences

Scentboxes are made of the innovative EVA polymer that:

allows you to recreate any fragrance
allows you to recreate any shape
is pleasant to the touch
is durable (from 30 to 60 days after opening)

Innovative solutions
in your company

Scent marketing is still underestimated by many business owners. However, it is a marketing strategy of the future, allowing you to build scent branding and gain an advantage over the competition. Intended especially for clothing and cosmetics stores, where aromamarketing allows to obtain the best sales results. Do not miss your chance for development, take an advantage of our fragrance marketing offer today!

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