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Black Orchid | professional room perfumes

The charm of this unique fragrance begins with a combination of sweet and refreshing fruit and sea accents in the head note, with lime at the fore, which will stimulate and energize. In the heart note, flowers – rose, pelargonium, honeysuckle and jagoderma – are brought to the fore, introducing lightness and romanticism. They will be slightly broken in the base note, which includes wood-oriental aromas introducing wildness, element and passion – iris root, patchouli, tonka bean, white musk and cedar wood. The whole creates a romantic-elegant composition that will charm you from the very first moments.

Top Notes: lime, sea accents, aromatic notes, fruity accord

Heart Notes: Cananga Flower, Damascus Rose, Honeysuckle, Pelargonium

Base Notes: Iris Root, Patchouli, Tonka Wonna, White Musk, Noble Wood, Cedarwood

Collection: Wellness and Spa

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