Fragrance compositions

Our fragrance compositions are created by Creative Flavors and Fragrances – a recognizable Italian company dealing with fragrances and employing hundreds of specialists in this field. This allows us to offer the highest quality products that perfectly fulfill their role in marketing. Our fragrance series leave a positive mark on customers, encouraging them to come back and make more purchases. This way you can build your company’s scent branding.

Where are our fragrances used?

We design optimal fragrances for various products. Exemplary fragrance compositions can be found in the following areas.

Luxury perfumes

Quality, methodology, marketing, inspiration and empathy are the core values ​​underlying everything we do. We provide the right choice of raw materials, selected all over the world in terms of the highest value and refinement indicators. Empathy allows us to create exclusive products that become a characteristic feature of a given brand.

Skin and hair care

Creativity, along with our in-depth knowledge of the market and constant monitoring of innovations in olfactory trends, allows us to create successful products dedicated to the most important daily skin and hair care rituals. In this way, iconic fragrance compositions in cosmetics are created that can steer the preferences of the general public in the long term.

Household chemicals

Fragrances accompanying people’s everyday lives, influencing their experiences while making ordinary home purchases. They are determinants of detergents and surface cleaners.

Specialized fragrances

Thanks to our team of highly qualified chemists and technicians with international experience, we offer our customers in-depth specialist knowledge in the field of developing and creating fragrance codes.

Why our fragrances are the best?

Our fragrance series are created by specialists from Italy who have many years of knowledge and extensive experience. Nevertheless, they continue to participate in international training to develop themselves. The company also invests in the latest technical solutions, such as Roxane GT robots and the continuous development of production capacity. To meet the growing number of orders, we work 24 hours, seven days a week.

In the photo: Maurizio Cerriza MASTER perfumer

We also focus on building cooperation, understanding and trust in a relationship with the client. Our research department focuses on specific areas to bring out the cultural and local aspects that support fragrance marketing. We prepare and test completely new fragrance compositions in cooperation with our clients. In return, we get their trust and positive feedback. Join the group of thousands of satisfied customers and introduce aromamarketing to your store as well.

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