Could scent have a significant impact on sales results in the automotive industry?




Seems it YES. The best example is the sales history of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud model. The owners of the Silver Cloud model began to complain about the new units, claiming that they did not fully meet their expectations. A number of studies have been carried out which have shown that the only noticeable difference was the scent.

The problem was with the new production methods. Natural materials such as leather, jute or wool have been replaced with foams and plastics. The only solution to this problem was to recreate the fragrance in the laboratory. After 2 years of intensive work, they did it! Following this success, Hugh Hadland (managing director at the time) sad:

“Entering the Rolls Royce is a sensual experience, and the sense of scent is the most evocative of the senses. People can’t understand what we’ve done. One thing I know is that cars come back to them changed and better. ”

Today, every Rolls Royce model that leaves the production plant scent like its classic predecessors.

We all recognize the aroma of a new car. Some say that this element is the source of the greatest satisfaction in purchasing it. How to use its advantage to promoting a car brand?

We offer a solution consisting in creating a fragrance note and with it a fragrance gadget in the form of a key ring or a fragrance card. Such a gadget will evoke memories of buying a new car, e.g. during its servicing.