Air purifiers

The times of the pandemic have shown how important it is to take care of your health. Among many services, air purification has become very popular. It is worth remembering that there are also influenza viruses in the air, which should also be eliminated in order to ensure proper hygiene. However, this is not the only advantage of OXYMORE air purifiers.

What is photocatalysis?

Our purifiers work on the principle of photocatalysis. This allows for the best results with optimal operating costs. By using a UVA ultraviolet lamp, appropriate chemical reactions can be initiated and directed. In addition, our devices contain self-regenerating titanium dioxide, which allows you to clean the air from all undesirable pollutants. For optimal operation, an appropriate ventilation system was also required to allow proper airflow through the air purifier.

Benefits of using OXYMORE air purifiers

The use of OXYMORE air purifiers is also recommended for fragrance marketing. They allow the removal of harmful, undesirable odors from the air, which has a positive effect on the mood of customers. The additional use of an aroma diffuser works perfectly with this process.

OXYMORE® air purifiers







Easy to use

Our devices are made according to the Plu & Purify principle. You don’t need to set up or read the manual – just turn on the device to enjoy its operation. Our air purifier does not require maintenance or other actions on your part. It was designed to run forever. If you are still wondering which purifier to choose, we would like to remind you that thanks to self-regenerating media, you do not have to buy additionally or replace any inserts. This significantly reduces the operating costs.

Our devices work perfectly in a variety of places:

Designed and manufactured in France, OXYMORE air purifiers are a great choice not only for people who want to remove harmful viruses from the air. These devices perfectly complement the fragrance marketing, and also create a better experience of staying in a given place, which has a positive effect on sales results.

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