Scent is your message, your scented slogan.
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Sensory marketing in online stores – fragrance inserts that can be successfully attached to packages. As a result, the fragrance is positively associated with your store. This solution is extremely practical and has many advantages that can affect the sales results of your store. The fragrance inserts can be used in the form of: a fragrance sachet, a fragrance test, a fragrance insert for the wardrobe, a free gadget.

Scent Marketing

Aroma diffusers allow the spraying of positively associated fragrances at the point of sale. They can be successfully used both in small retail outlets and in large-format stores. Our offer includes aroma diffusers of various sizes. They have high efficiency and are adapted to conduct an effective aroma marketing. Only with us you can buy them for ownership.

Professional Air Purifiers

We also offer a unique collection of products for air purification using Photocatalysis. Available from us OXYMORE® and IDR Groupe® air purifiers fight volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the air, eliminate pollutants, destroy volatile organic compounds, clean to perfection without environmental side effects.

Fragrances from specialists

Our fragrance compositions are created by Creative Flavors and Fragrances. This allows us to offer the highest quality products that perfectly fulfill their role in marketing. Our fragrance series leave a positive mark on customers, encouraging them to come back and make more purchases. This way you can build your company’s scent branding.

Premium Scented Gadgets

Various kinds of gadgets can be used to optimize the effects of sensory marketing. In the same way like in the case with a marketing strategy related to the sense of smell. The fragrance gadgets we offer can be ordered in almost any shape. They are soaked with the appropriate fragrance notes that affect customers for a long time after opening. It is a great way to build positive fragrance associations with a specific brand.


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The definition of scent marketing sounds rather complicated: it is the process of identifying the positive smells / perfumes associated with a given company and incorporating them into the marketing process at the point of sale in order to influence customer behavior. In other words, scent marketing involves a customer

In the begnning of this year, Olfactory Consulting started, together with the Change Lingerie brand, the implementation of a unique project based on the psychology of scent. His idea was to create an effective aromamarketing tool – a fragrance gadget that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of sales salons. Thanks to

Seems it YES. The best example is the sales history of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud model. The owners of the Silver Cloud model began to complain about the new units, claiming that they did not fully meet their expectations. A number of studies have been carried out which have shown